Success Stories

As seen on the Channel5 show with Dr Amir Kahn. Watch the hypnotherapy session for a sweet tooth to quit sugar and eat healthy food with consistency.

Daniel had tried many therapies to change a core issue….. watch his story ⬇ (2 min video)

Quit Smoking

As you all know, I’ve been trying to stop smoking for ages – to no avail! Last Friday I went for hypnotherapy with the amazing Marie J Porter. The session lasted 90 mins and I came away with a 20 mins tape which I listen to once/twice a day. And it’s worked! I know it’s only a week but my whole attitude has changed and I feel great – cleaner, lighter, healthier. I can not recommend her highly enough. And don’t forget her fabulous daughter, Emily, who will make you look beautiful on the outside at Go Gyms Affordable Beauty. Thank you both xx

Kay, Sutton

Fear of flying

I’ve had a fear of flying since a very young age. Most of my childhood I’d been scared of flying but still flew as we went on family holidays each year. At the age of 17 we went on what would unknowingly be our last family holiday as we had a car accident abroad and after that I didn’t fly for the next 8 years.

Throughout my late teens and early 20s I missed out on girls holidays, all because I was too petrified to fly.

I’ve always dreamed of travelling the world but my fear of flying has stopped me so in March 2013 I decided to do a fear of flying course with British Airways. The course was great and I then booked a holiday to Majorca that May. The flight went well and I then booked another holiday in September the same year. After that I didn’t fly until the following November 2014. Due to the 15 month gap, my fear had crept back up on me and so I had to be put on anti-anxiety tablets in the 2 week build up to my flight plus valium the day before and the day of both flights there and home.

I hadn’t flown since 2014 as I was too scared but I’d been thinking of trying hypnotherapy as I’d explored all other avenues. The thought of somebody I didn’t know, who hadn’t been recommended to me, who I had stumbled across online taking over my mind absolutely petrified me so I didn’t feel comfortable to try it..until (thank god!) Marie was recommended to me!

As soon as I met Marie and had a chat with her I booked in for my session. Little did I think it would be such an amazing experience.

Thanks to Marie, I now recognise and understand where this fear came from and how it developed.

For anybody that may be reading this feeling slightly unsure, or even sceptical..hypnotherapy is not magic. You have to believe in both the therapy and yourself. And you also need to be willing to put the work in afterwards. You don’t just get put to sleep and magically awaken being ‘cured’ of whatever you are being treated for. But one thing I can promise you is that it really does work if you believe in it, want it, and work for it.

After my therapy, I flew 3 days later and I’ve now booked my first ever girls holiday in September! I’m also looking at holidays outside of Europe, long haul which has always been a dream for me!

Thank you Marie, you really have changed my life! xx

Louise, Sutton,

Sugar addiction

I had my treatment 3 weeks ago and havent looked back marie was amazing she helped me so much i now make good choices with the food i eat and dont even get tempted my sugar level has dropped and i am alot happier thank you so much marie will be back to you soon for you to help me quit smoking x

Karen, Sutton,

Fear of public speaking

I had a session with Marie around 10 weeks ago for public speaking. The main purpose of having this session was to boost my confidence and help me relax with speaking in large groups of friends. I had always been a shy and quiet person. When speaking one to one with someone there would be no issues but suddenly when in a big group I would become very quiet, shy and feel like I’m being judged. I would worry too much about what people are thinking of me and how I’m coming across to them. During my session I went back to several events in my life that could have been the cause for me feeling this way. I now know fully and understand where my shyness and intimidation came from, and understanding it has helped me over come it. I am now so much more relaxed and confident then I used to be and I am so excited to carry on seeing myself progress. I am self employed with big goals and dreams and so a big boost in my confidence is going to help my personal and my work life so much!

Emily, Sutton,

When you let go of what’s holding you back…. you feel lighter!

Interview nerves

Job interview nerves can hold you back from moving forward in life. When you work on the issue… the old fears are reframed. Success in interviews means getting the job YOU WANT, more opportunity and a higher salary too.

Not feeling enough

When you get to the root cause the trigger fades and is no longer needed. You are in control of your actions instead of reacting.


Fear of sick or fear of being sick, is often unknown as someone who has this may feel they can’t let others know about it. So they keep it to themselves and struggle with it in silence. Sometimes for many years.

When the root cause is addressed… the need for a coping mechanism is no longer required and the habit begins to fade away.


A well made recording listened to just before going to sleep can work wonders. This was a free to use recording which is on my YouTube channel.

Chronic fatigue

Hi Marie, 

I would like to start by saying I can not recommend Marie enough ! My session with Marie was truly amazing…

Marie is warm, caring and very professional and puts you at ease straight away. 

Some what different to the usual Hypnotherapy sessions when you are put into a trance.  I did not know what to expect but am truly blown away with what happened. 

I was ask what I wanted to to work on , then Marie asked me a few questions and I was away talking and quickly identified the root cause of my issues, not even knowing I was in some sort of trance. words and feelings just bubbled to the surface and i could see clearly what I was doing wrong, and the negative language I was using that was not helping me.  

I feel a huge shift in my thinking and feel very positive and much more relaxed … its very hard for me to put into words. 

 What could of taken weeks of counselling took one session. But something truly amazing has happened. I am doing things without overthinking and feeling good and being more pro active .

I can not thank you enough Marie X

Self sabotage behaviour

I had an RTT session with Marie Porter to help me remove a block that impacted my life in a negative way. I knew that hypnotherapy would help me find the root cause of a compelling behaviour that I had difficulty controlling and it brought continual sabotage into my life.

Marie was patient and listened well in order to guide me. She is professional and skilful.

The session helped me connect with my subconscious and together we removed the outdated belief. This has improved my wellbeing greatly.

Thank you for the recording: so infused with your personal touch that made me feel truly good.

I highly recommend Marie Porter’s RTT session.

Love, S R x (London)

Money Blocks

Money blocks
Money blocks

When you work on your resistence and old wounds around money…. it begins to show up in unexpected ways and well as expected 💶💰🧲